| Modified on May 07, 2014
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Welcome to Habitat by Earth Clinic

Championing the health and well-being of all species, Habitat by Earth Clinic was founded by Deirdre Layne in 2023. As an expert in natural remedies and energy medicine, Deirdre holds a BA in Philosophy from Mount Holyoke College. She leads our mission to provide global solutions and protection for all species, addressing each species' unique challenges.

Our Vision and Values

We envision a world where all life forms coexist in a safe, healthy environment. Valuing nature and knowledge, we recognize the interdependence of all species and their right to thrive. Committed to giving back, we promote ecological generosity and work towards a healthier world for all.

Get Involved

Join us in protecting and preserving the planet for generations to come. Contribute by reading, writing, sharing, and taking action. Use your knowledge to start conversations and make a difference in your community.

Meet Our Head Programmer: Tomer Dagan

As our Head Programmer since 2008, Tomer Dagan is the driving force behind the seamless functionality of the Earth Clinic websites. With self-taught skills beginning at age 11 on Commodore64, Tomer has over 20 years of experience in consumer health web development, ensuring the smooth operation of our platform. Tomer resides with his family in the charming Houston suburbs.